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3 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Your Essential Oils NOW

You might have heard it from a friend or your friend (most probably) might already have suggested this to you that you need to buy your essential oils ASAP.

Wait, what?

Well, you heard it correctly. You need to purchase your essential oils like right now. But first, let’s find out what is essentially an “essential oil.”

An essential oil is a very concentrated extract from plants. It is, in layman’s term, the fragrance core of a plant, its “essence.” It has undergone several processes and the extract is often used for commercial products that we, in turn, use on a daily basis.

All throughout the years, it has proven to be effective in nourishing both mind and body. It’s both easy and hard to list down its benefits. It’s easy, for it has produced a lot of positive outcomes. On the other hand, it’s hard because a list would not suffice.

However, let’s try to narrow down the list.

Essential Oil as Natural Medicine

natural medicine 300x200 - 3 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Your Essential Oils NOW

Yes, you read it right. Essential Oils are considered to be natural medicine long before we walked on the surface of the earth. Certain oils like Frankincense contains amazing healing properties.

It can kill bacteria and fungus and helps relieve flu symptoms. One of the kitchen staple herbs, thyme, is not only used for cooking but can also be used as an essential oil because it also has antibacterial and anti-rheumatic properties.

Essential Oil in Aromatherapy

Basically, Aromatherapy is essential oil. It is defined as use of essential oils medically for the complete healing of the human body. It can be done through inhalation or topical applications (e.g. massage oil, skin care, and bath products).

Based on the recent studies, it has been found that thoughts of pleasant aromas boost our mood and the smell itself tremendously helps in holistic well-being.

Essential Oil in Skincare

Maybe you are using an organic facial wash or moisturizer. You might want to check your product’s properties and you will see some names like tea tree oil or lavender. That is because essential oils can also help fight our skin impurities. Some oils also have rejuvenating effects which can help fight aging and damages from sun exposure.

While it may not be a perfect solution to every dilemma a person can have, essential oils bring too many wonders to the table that is almost impossible not to purchase one. They help improving health in a natural way. It would be a great alternative to chemical products that we are often used to. Just be sure to buy the Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to be safe!

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