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Blending Basics: Learn How to Blend Essential Oils

You may have been using essential oils for a while now and you want something new. Or, perhaps, you want to dry a different aroma. Or you just want to experiment and try if you can cook something wonderful.

The bottom line is; you want to mix up things. You want to try if this will work out or not or if this smells amazing or just a complete disaster.

Before you blend here are the things that you need to know first:

Blending is an art

That’s true. Just like art, it takes time, effort, sufficient skills and knowledge to accomplish your right blend. You have to acquire knowledge first of all. It’s something that you need to study first before you indulge yourself into.

Get in Touch with Your Sense of Smell

Know what kind of aroma appeals to you. Do you like the scent of lavender? Or do you like chamomile oil? You can start by blending these oils and finding out what scent would you love to have in your room. Find out which Essential Oils blend together and which don’t.

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Identify Essential Oil Notes

Yes, there are certain levels of scents in your essential oils.

We have the top, middle and the base. Let’s differentiate one from each other.


It’s the scent that you smell first when you smell your essential oil. It has the smallest molecules so it’s easy to evaporate.


It acts as a middleman between the base note and the top note. It harmonizes the 2 scents into one aroma. It usually lasts longer than the top note but not as long as the base note.


Do you notice that usually after some time, there’s still this lingering scent? It’s the base note. It’s the smell that lasts the longest. It’s the determining factor of your oil’s lasting aroma ability.

So now you have the basics of blending essential oils. These are just some of the things that you need to know before you dive into the world of blending. Have you got an idea now?

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