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The 3 Go-To Essential Oils for Picky Eaters

Eating good food is my favorite thing in the whole world. Nothing is more blissful.

Most of us will agree. Who would want to refuse delightful and satisfying plates of burger and fries? Or maybe a take-home burrito from your favorite Mexican restaurant?

Eating itself is a pleasure because not only of how it satisfies our basic needs but also how it takes us to different places all by the taste of food in our palate.

But some would beg to disagree. Others are more sensitive to taste and smell so it makes it hard for them to enjoy mealtime especially if the food doesn’t appeal much to their appetite. It’s a strain, especially if it already results in losing weight drastically.

Good news: Worry no more. There are essential oils that you can use to help boost your appetite.

Spearmint Oil

The use of Spearmint Oil is not a new discovery. Several pieces of evidence suggest that it has been used by Ancient Greeks and Romans.  It has properties which fight indigestion, a common cause of loss of appetite.

Another good news is that you can use it for your child the scent of spearmint is not as strong as the peppermint. Just grab a cotton ball and put at least a few drops to make sure your child can get a good whiff.

However, just make sure that no sweets would be consumed before mealtime so it would not contradict the effect of spearmint oil.

Tangerine Oil

Another alternative that you can use is the tangerine oil. The scent sends a hunger signal to your brain thus making you want to grab whatever it is on the table. It activates the gastric juice in your stomach that triggers your hunger.

It is suggested to use this with an oil diffuser. Use this before mealtime but not frequently as it may cause a contrast effect on your body.

Ginger Oil

Do you sometimes feel nauseous that you feel like throwing up at the scent of food? You may be familiar with this especially if you are pregnant or you know someone pregnant. You might know this “morning sickness” and it usually happens in pregnancies.

Well, ginger oil is the answer to that problem. It combats nausea thus aiding in bringing back your appetite to eat. Again, using an essential oil diffuser is the best way to achieve optimal effects.

There you have it. These are the oils that you can use to stimulate your appetite for a happier and less stressful mealtime. Of course, these would be more effective if it’s used in moderation.

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